Remove all bedding, mattress pads, pillows and pillowcases from the bed and wash & dry them on high heat. (this kills all stages of bed bugs)

Remove all items from night stands, dressers, closets, under the bed, shelves, etc.

Place all clothing items in a hot dryer for 30 minutes and store in plastic totes or sealed bags

Remove all paper and cardboard boxes and replace with plastic storage containers

Move stored items and furniture away from baseboards

Cover the mattress and box springs with Zipper cover after the treatment and leave on for 1 year

Remove any items that are being discarded from the home prior to the treatment.

Inspection of mattresses,upholstered furniture,baseboards,window and door frames (usually first step)

Baseboard application using Crossfire (Clothianidin) based product (last 45-60 days after dry)

All upholstered furniture is turned over, all furniture is treated with Crossfire (including box spring wood work)

Followed by an Bedlam Aerosol application (forces insects out of harboring areas) in all wood work...upholstered furniture,box springs,dressers,night stands,baseboards,etc.

Last, we use Crossfire (Clothianidin) on all mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture (excluding leather)..this product last ~45 days after dry.

All treatments include 30 day guarantee

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